As a core value of Texas A&M University, Excellence can be enhanced by how we serve our students.  We are committed to providing access to academic support so that Aggies can achieve academic excellence.

Welcome to StudyHUB!  

StudyHUB Overview

Academic support is available from multiple departments at Texas A&M University. StudyHUB, sponsored by the Academic Success Center, connects you to those resources through its searchable database. You can identify and locate resources by:
     Subject Area – search for a specific subject to see what academic support is available. If  you are a current student, you can login to see if support is offered for the courses you are taking this semester. 
     Type of Support – search by type of support, such as tutoring, help desk, or academic coaching.
     Location – search by location to see hours, url, and contact information.
To learn more about navigating through StudyHUB, see the "Guide to Using StudyHUB," below. 

About the Academic Success Center

Do you want academic help but do not know where to go or who to contact? We say, start with the Academic Success Center (ASC). The ASC and affiliated programs can provide you with timely and helpful resources designed to bolster your academic success. Our holistic approach can help you not only identify roadblocks, but also ensure that you know how to identify, locate and use various on-campus academic resources. Lastly, if we don’t provide the type of support you need, we'll work with you to locate the resources that can. 
Learn more about us:   Academic Success Center

Study & Learning Handouts

Do you want to figure out how to manage your time better? Do you need tips on how to read your textbook more effectively? Would you like to enhance your test taking skills? Our handouts cover a wide range of study and time management strategies. If you need additional, individualized support or have questions about how to implement these strategies, make an appointment with an Academic Coach in the Academic Success Center.
  • Student looking down studying

    General Study Skills

    How to Start a Study Group, 5 Day Study Plan, success in online classes Learn Moreabout study strategies

  • Hand writing a math equation on a white board


    Success in Math, Order of Operations, Rule of ExponentsLearn Moreabout study strategies

  • Tablet device showing an annual calendar on its screen

    Time Management

    Time Budget Sheet, Weekly Assignments Calendar, Syllabi Summary, and more...Learn More

  • close up of someone writing notes on a paper


    Reviewing Lecture Notes and Cornell NotesLearn More

  • student sitting on floor reading a book in a library

    Reading Strategies

    KWL Method, SQ3R Method, and Reading for SuccessLearn More

  • Student taking a test sitting at desk writing on paper

    Test Taking

    Testing Strategies, Overview of Different Testing Formats, and more...Learn More

  • smartphone showing YouTube app


    Short, fun, educational videos on various study topicsLearn More

Guide to Using StudyHUB

Navigating StudyHUB is a breeze!  There are three ways to search for academic support.  

Subject Area – Here you can search for a specific subject in order to see the types of academic support available. You can bring up a list of all subject areas, or you can search for a class by a specific subject area. Once you click on a subject area, you'll be able to locate specific classes and see the types of academic support available for each. Use the "back" button in the box on the right side of the page to take you back to the subject area main page.  

Type of Support – if you're looking for a particular type of support such as tutoring or a help desk/session, search by type of support. Use the "back" button in the box on the right side of the page to take you back to the subject area main page.  

Location – numerous locations across campus provide academic support. Use this search feature to see a specific location's hours, url, and contact information. Click on the "X" at the top right corner to take you back to the location main page.  

Questions:  if you have questions or comments about StudyHUB, contact us.  Our contact information is located at the bottom of this page.